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  Then there was an article in the _Amsterdam News_: The caption was "Malcolm X Tells Of DeathThreat," and the story reported that he had said that former close associates of his in the New Yorkmosque had sent out "a special squad" to "try to kill me in cold blood. Thanks to Allah, I learned of theplot from the very same brothers who had been sent out to murder me. These brothers had heard merepresent and defend Mr. Muhammad for too long for them to swallow the lies about me without firstasking me some questions for their own clarification."I telephoned Malcolm X, and expressed my personal concern for him. His voice sounded weary. Hesaid that his "uppermost interest" was that any money which might come due him in the future wouldgo directly to his new organization, or to his wife, as the letter he had signed and mailed hadspecified. He told me, "I know I've got to get a will made for myself, I never did because I never havehad anything to will to anybody, but if I don't have one and something happened to me, there couldbe a mess." I expressed concern for him, and he told me that he had a loaded rifle in his home, and "Ican take care of myself."The "Muslim Mosque, Inc." to which Malcolm X had referred was a new organization which he hadformed, which at that time consisted of perhaps forty or fifty Muslims who had left the leadership ofElijah Muhammad.

  "You _know_, from what you have just heard, that no white money finances The Honorable ElijahMuhammad and his program-to 'advise' him and 'contain' him! Mr. Muhammad's program, and hisfollowers, are not 'integrated.' Mr. Muhammad's program and organization are _all_-black!

  But it is only after the deepest darkness that the greatest joy can come; it is only after slavery andprison that the sweetest appreciation of freedom can come.

  Usually this would be when he wanted me to accompany him somewhere, and he was going to tellme, after reviewing his commitments, when and where he wanted me to meet him. (There were timeswhen I didn't get an awful lot of sleep, myself.) He was always accompanied, either by some of hisMuslim colleagues like James 67X (the 67th man named "James" who had joined Harlem's MosqueNumber 7), or Charles 37X, or by me, but he never asked me to be with him when they were. I wentwith him to college and university lectures, to radio and television stations for his broadcasts, and topublic appearances in a variety of situations and locations.

  Every Saturday, just about, I would go into Lansing. I was going on fourteen, now. Wilfred and Hildastill lived out by themselves at the old family home. Hilda kept the house very clean. It was easier thanmy mother's plight, with eight of us always underfoot or running around. Wilfred worked whereverhe could, and he still read every book he could get his hands on. Philbert was getting a reputation asone of the better amateur fighters in this part of the state; everyone really expected that he was goingto become a professional.

  By the prison system wire, I heard that Shorty also was up for parole. But Shorty was having troublegetting some reputable person to sign for him. (Later, I found out that in prison Shorty had studiedmusical composition. He had even progressed to writing some pieces; one of them I know he named"The Bastille Concerto. ")My going to Detroit instead of back to Harlem or Boston was influenced by my family's feelingexpressed in their letters. Especially my sister Hilda had stressed to me that although I felt Iunderstood Elijah Muhammad's teachings, I had much to learn, and I ought to come to Detroit andbecome a member of a temple of practicing Muslims.

  It was a great surprise to me when one afternoon Laura happened to let drop that she "just loved"lindy-hopping. I asked her how had she been able to go out dancing. She said she'd been introducedto lindy-hopping at a party given by the parents of some Negro friend just accepted by Harvard.

  It was maybe halfway in the number before I became aware of how she danced.


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