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Anyone unfamiliar with dwarfs would have bet money that Mulch would never squeeze his well-fed bulk through such a narrow aperture, but they would have lost their cash.

Soon I will never have to answer to anyone, ever again.

Opal Koboi’s brain released a few happy endorphins. The thought of revenge always gave her a warm fuzzy feeling.

‘Mervall, she squealed, wringing her delicate fingers. ”Descant! Get in here.

Don’t worry, ladies. Where you’re going, there’s plenty of room for both of you.

Butler cocked his weapon, aiming it squarely at the intruder.

‘A painting Really Cogwheels turned in Opal’s brain. ”Well, let’s make sure we get to it before he does. Maybe we can add a little something to his work of art.

‘We’re not in a courtroom, Sool, said Foaly through ground teeth. ”If we accept that Opal could be loose, then the events of the past twenty-four hours take on a whole new significance. A pattern begins to emerge. Scalene is dead, pixies are missing from the clinic, Julius is murdered, and Holly is blamed. Then within hours of this a probe is sent down a decade ahead of schedule. Koboi is behind all of this. That probe is on its way here and we’re sitting around watching it on PPTV… eating stinking vole curry!


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