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  One of his favorite stories, which he must have told us a hundred times, was about how he met and fell in love with Mom. Dad was in the air force, and Mom was in the USO, but when they met, she was on leave visiting her parents at their cattle ranch near Fish Creek Canyon.

  DAD CAME HOME IN the middle of the night a few months later and roused all of us from bed.

  "Feast time!" I said to him.

  "That doesn't matter," Mom said.

Chapter 12

  Dad shoved me up against the wall. "Or by God I'll show you who's boss around here."His face was inches from mine. "What are you going to do to punish me?" I asked. "Stop taking me to bars?"Dad drew back his hand as if to smack me. "You watch your mouth, young lady. I can still whip your butt, and don't think I won't.""You can't be serious," I said.

  But neither Mom nor Dad nor Brian nor Lori nor Maureen was impressed. "So part of the front of the house is yellow now," Lori said. "That's really going to turn things around for us."I was going to have to finish the job myself. I tried to make a ladder from bits of scrap wood, but it kept collapsing whenever I put my weight on it. I was still trying to build a sturdy ladder when, during a cold snap a few days later, my can of paint froze solid. When it got warm enough for the paint to thaw, I opened the can. During the freeze, the chemicals had separated and the once-smooth liquid was as lumpy and runny as curdled milk. I stirred it as hard as I could and kept stirring even after I knew the paint was ruined, because I also knew that we'd never get more, and instead of a freshly painted yellow house, or even a dingy gray one, we now had a weird-looking half-finished patch job梠ne that announced to the world that the people inside the house wanted to fix it up but lacked the gumption to get the work done.

  What is your favorite aircraft?


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