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The Master angled,-but did not use a net. He shot,-but not at birds perching.

The Master said, The Fang bird does not come; the river sends forth no map:-it is all over with me!”

The Master said, My children, why do you not study the Book of Poetry?

A man of the village of Ta-hsiang said, Great indeed is the philosopher K’ung! His learning is extensive, and yet he does not render his name famous by any particular thing.”

The duke of Chau addressed his son, the duke of Lu, saying, The virtuous prince does not neglect his relations. He does not cause the great ministers to repine at his not employing them. Without some great cause, he does not dismiss from their offices the members of old families. He does not seek in one man talents for every employment.”

He was answered, The management of a state demands the rules of propriety. His words were not humble; therefore I smiled at him.”

Fan Ch’ih asked about perfect virtue. The Master said, It is, in retirement, to be sedately grave; in the management of business, to be reverently attentive; in intercourse with others, to be strictly sincere. Though a man go among rude, uncultivated tribes, these qualities may not be neglected.”

If they be led by virtue, and uniformity sought to be given them by the rules of propriety, they will have the sense of shame, and moreover will become good.”


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