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I want you and this young man,” said Bridge, his voice now suddenly stern. We have been watching you and followed you from the Squibbs house. We found the dead man there last night;” Bridge nodded toward the quilt enveloped thing upon the ground; and we suspect that you had an accomplice.” Here he frowned meaningly upon Willie Case. The youth trembled and stammered.

The General was a weasel faced person of almost any age between thirty-five and sixty. Sometimes he could have passed for a hundred and ten. He had won his military title as a boy in the famous march of Coxey's army on Washington, or, rather, the title had been conferred upon him in later years as a merited reward of service. The General, profiting by the precepts of his erstwhile companions in arms, had never soiled his military escutcheon by labor, nor had he ever risen to the higher planes of criminality. Rather as a mediocre pickpocket and a timorous confidence man had he eked out a meager existence, amply punctuated by seasons of straight bumming and intervals spent as the guest of various inhospitably hospitable states. Now, for the first time in his life, The General faced the possibility of a serious charge; and his terror made him what he never before had been, a dangerous criminal.

Whew,” whistled the Case boy. Gosh!” Then he scratched his head and looked admiringly at the youth. What mought yer name be?” he asked.

There was no answering sympathy awakened in either of his listeners—they remained mute. Bridge rose and stretched. He picked up his knife, wiped off the blade, closed it and slipped it into a trousers' pocket. Then he walked toward the door. At the threshold he paused and turned. 'Good-bye girls! I'm through,'” he quoted and passed out into the sunlight.

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Who are you and what do you want?” cried Bridge.

He's one of the gang,” yelled Willie Case from the fancied security of the tonneau. Seize him!” He wanted to add: My men”; but somehow his nerve failed him at the last moment; however he had the satisfaction of thinking it.


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