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After the meeting, Helen and I invite all the associates who attendabout 2,500 of themover to ourhouse for a big picnic lunch catered by our own Wal-Mart cafeteria. It's a lot of pressure on Helen; notmany wives would put up with that kind of crowd streaming through the yard and the house, but I thinkit's one of the best things we do, and in the end both Helen and I really enjoy it a lot. It gives us a chanceto visit with many of our associates who we would otherwise never get to see in a social setting like that.

"One way in which Sam and my dad were really different. My dad was always talking to me about howI should live, how I should work, and challenging me to do this and that. I don't know that Sam did thatvery much with our children. I probably did it, and they got enough from me. He probably saw that andkept his mouth shut."ALICE WALTON:

What they had was a Ben Franklin variety store inNewport,Arkansasa cotton and railroad town ofabout 7,000 people, in the Mississippi River Delta country of easternArkansas. I remember riding downthere on the train from St. Louis, still wearing my Army uniform with the Sam Browne belt, and walkingdown Front Street to give this storemy dreamthe once-over. A guy fromSt. Louisowned it, and thingsweren't working out at all for him. He was losing money, and he wanted to unload the store as fast as hecould. I realize now that I was the sucker Butler Brothers sent to save him. I was twenty-seven years oldand full of confidence, but I didn't know the first thing about how to evaluate a proposition like this so Ijumped right in with both feet. I bought it for ,000 ,000 of our own money and ,000borrowed from Helen's father. My naivet about contracts and such would later come back to haunt mein a big way.


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