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Scant consulted a computer readout. One hundred miles. We have ninety minutes to go to the optimum blast point.”

He loaded the disk.

Before the hemispheres was a huge arch, with strips of tattered gold leaf hanging from its frame. A sign hung from the arch, emblazoned with six-foot-high Gnommish letters.

Artemis pondered the question. I considered eight plans, and this was the best one. Even so, we have a sixty- four percent chance of success. The key is to keep Opal distracted so she doesn’t discover the truth. That’s up to you, Holly. Can you do it”

A high-back swivel chair swung around. Ark Sool was lounging in it. Opal Koboi Amazing. And she’s doing all this psychically, I suppose.”

Don’t point that thing at me. I’ve seen the damage it can do.

In it the trolls were advancing on Artemis and Holly across the temple roof.

‘The charges, she shrieked. ”Where are they


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