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Butler was functioning in full action mode. Generally, he reined himself in, walking with a slight stoop to avoid drawing attention. But now, he stood tall and tensed, ready to spring into action. His gaze was fierce, and muscles bulged in his neck. He caught Billy Kong's gaze and zeroed in on his eyeballs. Even across a crowded room, the hostil-ity was almost palpable. A couple of more psychically sensi-tive bystanders suddenly felt anxious and cast their eyes about for the nearest restroom.

'I wouldn't be too sure.'

'Can you slow them down' asked Artemis.

Butler winked at his dwarf friend. 'Well, look at it this way. You had to take a ride in his environment, but now he has to take a ride in yours.'

Lucky you, thought No.l. Dunked in dung.

'Forget the project certainly,' said Artemis, checking his watch. 'But I don't think there is any need for you to set your captives free.'

'Demons,' muttered the Malibu native. 'True, all true. I have a responsibility to my brother. Finish what he started.'

'So what about after the kid eats the chocolate' asked Mulch. 'What do I do with a kid'


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