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is shisha okay once in awhile

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"Certainly," she said, in a pleasant tone, dropping her frozen manner as if by magic. "It is a perfect day for a picnic. Leave the schoolroom tidy, my loves, and then go and get ready. You'd like me to see the cook, wouldn't you, Mrs. Lorrimer? I can help her to cut sandwiches and to pack plates and dishes."

"Cute little beggar," laughed Nora. "He wants to come in the donkey-cart."

Before Molly could reply a loud exclamation from Hester turned all eyes in her direction.

"Molly, Molly," she exclaimed, "look at me, look at me. Now you know the secret of the locked door. Annie made me this frock; she had some bits of [Pg 135]cambric over from dresses of her own, and she made this and a blue one, and a pink one also; I have the other two in my drawer; I know they are all sweetly becoming, aren't they? It's nearly as good as having a trousseau. Oh, do kiss me and congratulate me, Molly; you know how I have always longed for pretty dresses. Was not it perfectly darling of Annie to make them for me?"

Annie ran off to find Hester.

"By a ladder, through the open window. Now pray don't waste any more time over trivial details. I have come here to have a serious talk with you."


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