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She is truly wanting to know,” said Eithne sternly, so do not be teasing her, Alex. And I am gey muddled about it, and you knowing so much more, with having been at Oxford and even seeing the King and his family yourself. Will you?”

Ian, whose loyalty was a simple and wholehearted thing, frowned at his foster brother. He’s our king and

She sat on alone by the loch for a little while after the


Bide here,” he returned philosophically, since I can do nothing else, and see what will happen.”

not too glibly, with downcast eyes and humble voice. And it’s hoping I am to serve Mac Cailein Mor,” she finished earnestly.

Do not be denying it, for I saw it myself, and twice over—once with the Second Sight, which never lies, and again when it happened.”

A soldier rushed past them to the figures a few yards ahead, and the cold voice of Argyll answered. Here. What is it, then?”


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