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No.l felt the magic inside him, comfortable like heated veins. 'It was my imp name. But now, I think I'll keep it.'

'Yes,' replied the man. 'The exhibition is opening tonight and…'

'You want to die so much So be it, you can die.' He pointed his sword at the small group and was on the verge of roaring 'Kill them!' or perhaps 'Death to the traitors!' when Qwan snapped his fingers. He did this in a very showy way, setting off a magical mini-explosion.

'Get kidnapped every day, do you' he growled, steer-ing her to the elevator.

'Terrified,' said No.l. 'Freaking. Planking. Up the creek.'

Qwan winked. 'And everyone on it. No pressure.'

Minerva gripped the phone tightly. 'Yes, Master Fowl. It would be exceptional. It is exceptional. So you can keep your Irish paws off my research. The last thing I need is for some bigheaded teenage boy to hijack all my work at the last second. You had your own demon, but that wasn't enough, you had to try and steal mine too. The moment I recognized you in Barcelona, I knew you would be after my research subject. I knew you would try to smoke us out, have someone hide in the car. It was the logical thing to do, so I booby-trapped the vehicle. You knocked out my baby brother too. How could you'

Abbot flinched as if struck. A few of the older demons sniggered. Abbot's demon name wasn't brought up very much. Abbot was a little embarrassed by it, not surpris-ingly since N'zall meant 'little horn' in the old demon cant.


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