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  Columbus was able to dispatch the returning ships, with theencouraging reports brought in by Meldonado and Ojeda, but with verylittle gold. But he was obliged to ask for fresh supplies of food for thecolony--even in the midst of the plenty which he described; for he hadfound already what all such leaders find, the difficulty of training men touse food to which they were not accustomed. He sent also his Caribprisoners, begging that they might be trained to a knowledge of thechristian religion and of the Spanish language. He saw, already, how muchhe should need interpreters. The fleet sailed on the second of February,and its reports were, on the whole, favorably received.

  He supposed that Ovando thought that this would be favorable for hisown political prospects, and he believed that Escobar was sent merely as aspy. This same impression is given by Las Casas, the historian, who wasthen at San Domingo. He says that Escobar was chosen simply because ofhis enmity to Columbus, and that he was ordered not to land, nor to holdconversation with any of the crew, nor to receive letters from any exceptthe Admiral.

  "Full of this thought, he sought, even in the storm, some means ofapprising their highnesses of the victory which the Lord had granted him,in permitting him to discover in the Indies all which he had sought in hisvoyage, and to let them know that these coasts were free from storms,which is proved, he said, by the growth of herbage and trees even to theedge of the sea. With this purpose, that, if he perished in this tempest, theking and queen might have some news of his voyage, he took a parchmentand wrote on it all that he could of his discoveries, and urgently beggedthat whoever found it would carry it to the king and queen. He rolled upthis parchment in a piece of waxed linen, closed this parcel tightly, andtied it up securely; he had brought to him a large wooden barrel, within which he placed it, without anybody's knowing what it was. Everybodythought the proceeding was some act of devotion. He then caused it to bethrown into the sea."[*]

  Vespucci was not a professional seaman, but he was interested ingeography, and had made many voyages before this time. So soon as itwas announced that Ojeda was on the coast, the rebels of San Domingoselected him as a new leader. He announced to Columbus, rather coolly,that he could probably redress the grievances which these men had. Heundoubtedly knew that he had the protection of Fonseca at home.

  Two days after the authentication of the will he died, on the twentyfirst of May, 1506, which was the day of Ascension. His last words werethose of his Saviour, expressed in the language of the Latin Testament, "Inmanus tuas, Pater, commendo spiritum meum,"--"Father, into thy hands Icommend my spirit." The absence of the court from Valladolid took with it,perhaps, the historians and annalists. For this or for some other reason,there is no mention whatever of Columbus's funeral in any of thedocuments of the time.

  They lie west-southwest from the fourth, and this is the course the Admiral adhered to. He did not "log" all the run made between theseislands; in consequence the "log" falls short of the true distance, as itought to. These "seven or eight islands, all extending from north to south,"and having shoal water "six leagues to the south" of them, are seen on thechart at a glance.

  I had an unsuccessful search for a similar story of the Bahamas, tolearn whether there were any probable changes within so recent a periodas four hundred years.

  He says that the Sunday before, November 11 it had seemed to himthat it would be good to take some persons, from those of that river, tocarry to the sovereigns, so that "they might learn our tongue, so as to knowwhat there is in the country, and so that when they come back they may betongues to the Christians, and receive our customs and the things of thefaith. Because I saw and know," says the Admiral, "that this people has noreligion (secta) nor are they idolaters, but very mild and without knowingwhat evil is, nor how to kill others, nor how to take them, and without arms, and so timorous that from one of our men ten of them fly, althoughthey do sport with them, and ready to believe and knowing that there is aGod in heaven, and sure that we have come from heaven; and very readyat any prayer which we tell them to repeat, and they make the sign of thecross.


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