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The box around Scalene’s midriff was secured by a set of octo-bonds, eight telescoping cables often used by the LEP to restrain dangerous criminals. They could be locked and unlocked remotely, and once cinched, could not be removed without the remote or an angle grinder. As soon as Root leaned over, the octo-bonds released Scalene and whiplashed around the commander’s torso, releasing Scalene and drawing the metal box tight to Root’s own chest.

From Artemis. Butler ‘s grip tightened on the leather steering wheel. Alive. The boy was alive at least.

Butler smiled, much more the smile of a friend than a bodyguard. That doesn’t surprise me one bit. You were becoming quite charitable before the mind wipe.”

‘We’re gone, she said, releasing the brake and flooring the throttle. The LEP craft bolted from the rocky outcrop like a pebble from a catapult.

Vishby’s gills flapped weakly, searching for air. You’ll be killed, Diggums.”

Ignore everything except the wheel and the pedals, and you’ll be fine.

Holly knew that the commander was trying to soften the blow. As soon as the major’s acorns were on her lapel, she wouldn’t get aboveground as much as she did now. If she was lucky.

‘If it makes any difference, he said quietly, almost awkwardly, ”I’m proud of you, Holly. And he was gone, out the door and into the throng of LEP officers training their weapons on the chute entrance.


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