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how a hookah works wraps

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Foaly opened another box on the screen. Most of the picture was white. 'This happened.'

Artemis nodded slowly. A miracle. He lifted his hand. On the palm there was a slight graze from his climb over the quayside stile. Artemis concentrated and five blue sparks 376

'Cappuccino!' shouted No.l, surprising everyone.

Doodah held on to the strap. 'Tools of the trade, Mud Boy. They go where I go.'

Doodah smiled broadly, raising a glass of wine in a mock toast. 'Well, dwarf, here's hoping it's that slippery elf Holly Short. 'Cause there's nobody I would rather see up to her pointy ears in something dangerous.'

'I didn't pick this building,' said Artemis. 'It picked us. Fate has brought us here.'

The landscape was grey, bleak and pockmarked, and in the distance Artemis could see a blue planet camouflaged by cloud cover.

Kong took a step back. 'You know me'


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