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  In the next generation, Oviedo says Columbus was "of good aspect,and above the middle stature. His limbs were strong, his eyes quick, andall the parts of his body well proportioned. His hair was decidedly reddish,and the complexion of his face quite florid and marked with spots of red."Bishop Las Casas knew the admiral personally, and describes him inthese terms: "He was above the middle stature, his face was long andstriking, his nose was aquiline, his eyes clear blue, his complexion light,tending towards a distinct florid expression, his beard and hair blonde inhis youth, but they were blanched at an early age by care.

  As the reader has seen, he first passed between this great island andthe mainland. The open gulf there described is now known as the Gulf ofParia. The observation which he made as to the freshness of the watercaused by the flow of the Orinoco, has been made by all navigators since.

  They had twice sent out expeditions after the lost captain, DiegoMarquez, and another party had returned without news of him, on the veryday on which he and his men came in. They brought with them tencaptives, boys and women. They were received with great joy. "He andthose that were with him, arrived so DESTROYED BY THE MOUNTAIN,that it was pitiful to see them. When they were asked how they had lostthemselves, they said that it was the thickness of the trees, so great that they could not see the sky, and that some of them, who were mariners, hadclimbed up the trees to look at the star (the Pole-star) and that they nevercould see it."One of the accounts of this voyage[*] relates that the captive women,who had taken refuge with the Spaniards, were persuaded by them toentice some of the Caribs to the beach. "But these men, when they hadseen our people, all struck by terror, or the consciousness of their evildeeds, looking at each other, suddenly drew together, and very lightly, likea flight of birds, fled away to the valleys of the woods. Our men then, nothaving succeeded in taking any cannibals, retired to the ships and brokethe Indians' canoes."[*] That of Peter Martyr.

Chapter 6

  Columbus collected gold in this way, to make his expedition popular athome, and he had, indeed, mortgaged the voyage, so to speak, by pledgingthe pecuniary results, as a fund to bear the expense of a new crusade. But,for himself, the prime desire was always discovery.

  Bobadilla gave no answer to these letters; and when Columbus receivedfrom the sovereigns the letter of the twenty-sixth of May, he made nolonger any hesitation, but reported in person at the city of San Domingo.

  In fact this poor crab was at least nine hundred and seventy leagues fromthe Bahamas, as this same journal proves. On the eighteenth the Pinta ranahead of the other vessels, Martin Alonso was so sure that he should reachland that night. But it was not to come so soon.

  The historians are fond of bringing together all the intimations whichare given in the Greek and Latin classics, and in later authors, with regardto a land beyond Asia. Perhaps the most famous of them is that of Seneca,"In the later years there shall come days in which Ocean shall loose hischains, and a great land shall appear . . . and Thule shall not be the last ofthe worlds."In a letter which Toscanelli wrote to Columbus in 1474, he inclosed acopy of a letter which he had already sent to an officer of Alphonso V, theKing of Portugal. In writing to Columbus, he says, "I see that you have agreat and noble desire to go into that country (of the East) where the spices come from, and in reply to your letter I send you a copy of that which Iaddressed some years ago to my attached friend in the service of the mostserene King of Portugal. He had an order from his Highness to write meon this subject. . . . If I had a globe in my hand, I could show you what isneeded. But I prefer to mark out the route on a chart like a marine chart,which will be an assistance to your intelligence and enterprise. On thischart I have myself drawn the whole extremity of our western shore fromIreland as far down as the coast of Guinea toward the South, with all theislands which are to be found on this route. Opposite this [that is, theshores of Ireland and Africa] I have placed directly at the West thebeginning of the Indies with the islands and places where you will land.


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