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Wayne went on with a heightened colour, but a lowered voice,

The King sprang to his feet, and his eyes blazed.

Yes, yes; all those,” replied Wayne, still a little bewildered, like a man splashed with cold water.

There was again a tumult and a vagueness for a moment, then the whole street and every object in it sprang suddenly out of the darkness, as every lamp sprang into life. And looking up they saw, standing upon a balcony near the roof of one of the highest houses, the figure and the face of Adam Wayne, his red hair blowing behind him, a little streaked with grey.

I am to understand, then,” he said at last, with a cough, that you, ahem, were the President of Nicaragua when it made its — er — one must, of course, agree — its quite heroic resistance to — er —”

Oh, don’t chatter,” cried Barker, stamping. We’ve been beaten.”


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