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When he was about to mount his carriage, he would stand straight, holding the cord.

Tsze-chang asked, What must the officer be, who may be said to be distinguished?”

Tsze-lu was displeased. and said, Indeed, you cannot go! Why must you think of going to see Kung-shan?”

The Master said, When the multitude hate a man, it is necessary to examine into the case. When the multitude like a man, it is necessary to examine into the case.”

The Master said, Can there be love which does not lead to strictness with its object? Can there be loyalty which does not lead to the instruction of its object?”

When Yen Yuan died, the Master said, Alas! Heaven is destroying me! Heaven is destroying me!”

Tsze-hsia said to him, There is the following saying which I have heard-’Death and life have their determined appointment; riches and honors depend upon Heaven.’

From day to day you are saying, ‘We are not known.’ If some ruler were to know you, what would you like to do?”


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