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Artemis pressed a button, and a pneumatic pump opened the cryo pod’s lid. Butler lay inside, encased in a centimetre of ice.

‘I’m new,’ she said, disappearing into the blackness.

The largest of the freezers was of the custom-built pull-out variety, often found in large restaurants. Artemis hauled open the drawer, quickly evicting the salmon, sea bass and hake that were encrusted in the ice shavings.

Artemis swallowed, feeling the mike ride on his Adam’s apple.

Holly added a few more layers to her voice.

Loafers swallowed a grin. ‘Sure. That’s fine. You just come with me, nice and quiet, and I won’t hurt a soul. You have my word.’

‘Artemis, I’ll stun you, so help me.’

In less than five minutes there were twenty uniforms and a full SWAT team beating on the Phonetix doors. Two choppers hovered overhead and eight snipers lined the roofs of the adjacent buildings. No one was leaving the area, unless they were invisible.


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