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  THE latter part of the summer, 1763, there came a man to Mount Holly who hadpreviously published a printed advertisement that at a certain public-house he would show many wonderful operations, which were therein enumerated. At theappointed time he did, by sleight of hand, perform sundry things which appearedstrange to the spectators. Understanding that the show was to be repeated thenext night, and that the people were to meet about sunset, I felt an exerciseon that account. So I went to the public-house in the evening, and told the manof the house that I had an inclination to spend a part of the evening there;with which he signified that he was content. Then, sitting down by the door, Ispoke to the people in the fear of the Lord, as they came together, concerningthis show, and laboured to convince them that their thus assembling to seethese sleight-of-hand tricks, and bestowing their money to support men who, inthat capacity, were of no use to the world, was contrary to the nature of theChristian religion. One of the company endeavoured to show by arguments thereasonableness of their proceedings herein; but after considering some texts ofScripture and calmly debating the matter he gave up the point. After spendingabout an hour among them, and feeling my mind easy, I departed.

  Having travelled through Maryland, we came amongst Friends at Cedar Creek inVirginia, on the 12th; and the next day rode, in company with several of them,a day's journey to Camp Creek. As I was riding along in the morning, my mindwas deeply affected in a sense I had of the need of divine aid to support me inthe various difficulties which attended me, and in uncommon distress of mind Icried in secret to the Most High, "O Lord, be merciful, I beseech Thee, to Thypoor afflicted creature!" After some time I felt inward relief, and soon aftera Friend in company began to talk in support of the slave-trade, and said thenegroes were understood to be the offspring of Cain, their blackness being themark which God set upon him after he murdered Abel, his brother; that it wasthe design of Providence they should be slaves, as a condition proper to therace of so wicked a man as Cain was. Then another spake in support of what hadbeen said.



  The empires and kingdoms of the earth are subject to His almighty power. Heis the God of the spirits of all flesh, and deals with His people agreeably tothat wisdom, the depth whereof is to us unsearchable. We in these provinces maysay, He hath, as a gracious and tender parent, dealt bountifully with us, evenfrom the days of our fathers. It was He who strengthened them to labour throughthe difficulties attending the improvement of a wilderness, and made way forthem in the hearts of the natives, so that by them they were comforted in timesof want and distress. It was by the gracious influences of His Holy Spirit thatthey were disposed to work righteousness, and walk uprightly towards each otherand towards the natives; in life and conversation to manifest the excellency ofthe principles and doctrines of the Christian religion, whereby they retaintheir esteem and friendship. Whilst they were labouring for the necessaries oflife, many of them were fervently engaged to promote pity and virtue in theearth, and to educate their children in the fear of the Lord.


Chapter 9

  Last evening during thy absence I had a little opportunity with some of thyfamily, in which I rejoiced, and feeling a sweetness on my mind towards thee, Inow endeavour to open a little of the feeling I had there.


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