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But I never seriously considered retail in those days. In fact, I was sure I was going to be an insurancesalesman. I had a high school girlfriend whose father was a very successful salesman for GeneralAmerican Life Insurance Company, and I had talked to him about his business. It appeared to me that hewas making all the money in the world. Insurance seemed like a natural for me because I thought I couldsell. I had always sold things. As a little kid I soldLibertymagazines for a nickel, and then switched toWoman's Home Companion when it came along for a dime, figuring I could make twice as muchmoney. The girl and I broke up, but I still had big plans. I figured I would get my degree and go on to theWharton School of Finance inPennsylvania. But as college wound down, I realized that even if I kept upthe same kind of work routine I'd had all through college, I still wouldn't have the money to go toWharton. So I decided to cash in what chips I already had, and I visited with two company recruiterswho had come to theMissouricampus. Both of them made me job offers. I accepted the one from JCPenney; I turned down the one from Sears Roebuck. Now I realize the simple truth: I got into retailingbecause I was tired and I wanted a real job.

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