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  The Spaniards thought these natives of St. Domingo much whiter thanthose of the other islands. Columbus says that two of the women, ifdressed in Castilian costume, would be counted to be Spaniards. He saysthat the heat of the country is intense, and that if these people lived in acooler region they would be of lighter color.

  With these tokens every-one breathes again and is delighted. They sailtwenty-seven leagues on this course.

  Harrisse has proved that this date is not accurate.

  The same day they saw weeds which he was sure were land weeds.

  He did not disobey his orders. He says distinctly that he intended topass along the southern shore of San Domingo, and thence take adeparture for the continent. But he says, that his principal vessel sailedvery ill--could not carry much canvas, and delayed the rest of the squadron.

  On the tenth of October the men made remonstrance, which has beenexaggerated in history into a revolt. It is said, in books of authority, thatColumbus begged them to sail west only three days more. But in theprivate journal of the tenth he says simply: "The seamen complained ofthe length of the voyage. They did not wish to go any farther. The Admiraldid his best to renew their courage, and reminded them of the profitswhich would come to them. He added, boldly, that no complaints wouldchange his purpose, that he had set out to go to the Indies, and that withthe Lord's assistance he should keep on until he came there." This is theonly passage in the journal which has any resemblance to the account ofthe mutiny.

  But Genoa was greatly depressed at this period. In her wars with theTurks she had been, on the whole, not successful. She had lost Caffa, herstation in the Crimea, and her possessions in the Archipelago werethreatened. The government did not accept Columbus's proposals, and hewas obliged to return with them to Spain. He went first to distinguishednoblemen, in the South of Spain, who were of liberal and adventurousdisposition. One was the Duke of Medina Celi, and one the Duke ofMedina Sidonia. Each of these grandees entertained him at their courts,and heard his proposals.

  In the second case, Columbus is the governor-general, for aught he knows,of half the world, of all the countries he is to discover; and he knowsenough, and all men around him know enough, to see that his domain maybe a principality indeed.


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