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  I also encouraged the young women to continue their neat, decent way ofattending themselves on the affairs of the house; showing, as the way opened,that where people were truly humble, used themselves to business, and werecontent with a plain way of life, they had ever had more true peace andcalmness of mind than they who, aspiring to greatness and outward show, havegrasped hard for an income to support themselves therein. And as I observedthey had so few or no slaves, I had to encourage them to be content withoutthem, making mention of the numerous troubles and vexations which frequentlyattended the minds of the people who depend on slaves to do their labour.


  We remain, in the love of the gospel, your friends and brethren.


  The latter end of the week their Yearly Meeting began; at which were ourfriends, John Scarborough, Jane Hoskins, and Susannah Brown, from Pennsylvania.

一 七六七年九月二日,得到朋友们的赞同,我出发访问八克斯北部和费拉地菲亚诸郡的朋友们。两星期之内参加了十一处聚会,由于主良善的有力扩张,使我在朋友当 中有了工作机会,聚会对我们都大有益助;在主面前我觉得应当谦恭俯首。第二年冬季我又与数位朋友出发访问本月会属下的一些朋友们的家,神爱的工作使我们的 访问大有助益。

  The Most High doth not often speak with an outward voice to our outward ears,but, if we humbly meditate on His perfections, consider that He is perfectwisdom and goodness, and that to afflict His creatures to no purpose would beutterly averse to His nature, we shall hear and understand His language both inHis gentle and more heavy chastisements, and shall take heed that we do not, inthe wisdom of this world, endeavour to escape His hand by means too powerfulfor us.

当 我写这封信的时候,我禁不住想到年青人。亲爱的青年朋友们,请以上帝作为你的产业,爱祂的真理,不以此为耻。选择那些忠心事主的人作为友伴;避免和生活腐 败的人来往,因为常和这种人来往是危险的,会使有希望的年青人堕落,陷入于一天比一天更大的邪恶中,终至于毁灭了自己。青春之时,没有一种装饰比良好品德 更为美好,也没有比完全顺服神的旨意更可喜乐的。这种喜乐使其他的慰安更觉甜蜜,也使人在与朋友来往交接中获得真的满足。你们的心若为真理所充满,必能获 得使你们坚定为真理作见证的力量,且将准备为教会服务。


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