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  It seems probable that Christopher was born in the year 1436, thoughsome writers have said that he was older than this, and some that he wasyounger. The record of his birth and that of his baptism have not beenfound.

  The weather continued favorable. The sea was so light that everythingon board the Santa Maria was removed safely. Then it was that Columbus,tempted by the beauty of the place, by the friendship of the natives, and bythe evident wishes of his men, determined to leave a colony, which shouldbe supported by the stores of the Santa Maria, until the rest of the partycould go back to Spain and bring or send reinforcements. The king waswell pleased with this suggestion, and promised all assistance for the plan.

  But he was now an old man. He was unable to go to court in person.

  I have followed on the lines of his own personal narrative wherever wehave it. And where this is lost I have used the absolutely contemporaryauthorities. I have also consulted the later writers, those of the nextgeneration and the generation which followed it. But the more one studiesthe life of Columbus the more one feels sure that, after the greatness of hisdiscovery was really known, the accounts of the time were overlaid bywhat modern criticism calls myths, which had grown up in the enthusiasmof those who honored him, and which form no part of real history. If thenthe reader fails to find some stories with which he is quite familiar in thehistory, he must not suppose that they are omitted by accident, but mustgive to the author of the book the credit of having used some discretion inthe choice of his authorities.

  On his arrival, he found that Columbus and his brother Bartholomewwere both absent from the city, being in fact engaged in efforts to set whatmay be called the provinces in order. The young Diego Columbus wascommander in their absence. The morning after he arrived, Bobadillaattended mass, and then, with the people assembled around the door of thechurch, he directed that his commission should be read. He was toinvestigate the rebellion, he was to seize the persons of delinquents andpunish them with rigor, and he was to command the Admiral to assist himin these duties.

  From the second to the ninth of November, 1502, the little fleet lay atanchor in the spacious harbor, which he called Puerto Bello, "the beautifulharbor." It is still known by that name. A considerable Spanish city grewup there, which became well known to the world in the last century by theattack upon it by the English in the years 1739 and 1742.

  It is here that the incident belongs, represented in the statue by Mr.

  Therefore when they said the "Salve," which all the sailors are used to say and sing in their fashion, the Admiral ordered them to look out well fromthe forecastle, and he would give at once a silk jacket to the man who firstsaw land, besides the other rewards which the sovereigns had ordered,which were 10,000 maravedis, to be paid as an annuity forever to the manwho saw it first.


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