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I wish I could recount a valiant military careerlike my brother Bud, who was a Navy bomber pilot on acarrier in the Pacificbut my service stint was really fairly ordinary time spent as a lieutenant and then as acaptain doing things like supervising security at aircraft plants and POW camps in California and aroundthe country.

I learned this lesson as a merchant in small towns, which is where I've spent my whole life. For those ofyou who've been around as long as I have, and who spent your early days in small towns too, it's nothard to remember how different small-town life was in the first half of this century. Newport was a prettyprosperous little town with a fairly competitive retail environment, but it's still a good example of howthings worked back then. It was a cotton town, which meant that a lot of the folks who shopped therereally lived outside of town on farms. Most of the men worked long hours in the fields, and most of thewomen worked at home. Very few women held jobs in those days, although a lot of them had workedduring the war, and they were beginning to think about going back to work when they got their familiespretty well underway.


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