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‘I was being sarcastic actually . . .’ he muttered. - because my friend Mister McGuire and I are also doing a stint in the Christmas pantomime. It’s Snow White. I’m Doc, and he’s Dopey.’

‘I know it sounds petty to lodge a complaint over hangnails, but no one could accuse me of being petty.’

Butler was empty-handed.

Of course, there had been no sleeping gas. For that matter there had only been two guards. One was taking a restroom break and the other was doing the rounds of the upper floors. Still, Spiro wasn’t to know that. He was busy watching Foaly’s family of sim security snoring all over the building, thanks to a video clip on the Phonetix system.

Root was the first to recover his voice. ‘Pinged. Who pinged us’

Mulch stared at the button camera mounted on the screen. ‘Julius, please. Do you realize that all of these humans owe me their lives This is an emotional moment for them.’

And so, a new chapter begins in the life of Artemis Fowl the Second. In a matter of days my father returns with his new-found conscience. I will shortly be shipped off to boarding school, where I will have access to a pathetic computer centre and an even more pathetic laboratory. My bodyguard seems to be too old for physical tasks and there is an unknown adversary planting strange objects on my very person.


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