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Artemis pursed his lips. 'Perhaps. I need to open the casing and get into the works before I know for sure. It could be a straight detonator, or we could have all kinds of decoys.'

Holly nodded. Scopes was the shop name for the shrouded trackers attached to human communications satellites.

Mulch pointed a stubby finger at him. 'I have a few more questions.'

Butler winked, though he felt anything but cheery. 'Yes, daughter.'

There's nothing I can do, thought Holly. This guy wouldn't listen to his own mother. If he knew who his mother was.

Artemis did as he was told, and found himself facing a huge man with a full beard and long hair drawn back in a ponytail. Both were flecked with grey. The man's face was familiar, but different. There were more lines round the eyes, and a deep frown slash between them.

Butler snorted. Artemis was probably right. But in the protection game, probably wasn't nearly as comforting as a Kevlar vest.

Around them, the island was suffering its own trauma. The time tunnel's continued meltdown snatched up increasingly larger plots, whisking them off to other dimensions. The crackling hoops of power round them fused to form a magical hemisphere. It was not perfect though — gaps flowed across its surface, threatening the integrity of the entire structure.


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