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Dhia dhuit!” She beamed. Is this the lass who will be fetching the hair to hex Mac Cailein Mor, may the demons fly away with him? I am Janet Campbell, who will take you to Inverary. I will call you Sheena at once,” she added chattily, so you can get used to it, for Mrs. MacKellar would never be hiring a lass named for a kelpie.” She chuckled cheerfully.

Och, and you’ll be away again one day,” predicted old Callum mildly one crisp afternoon when Kelpie paused at the sheep pen where he was working. ’Tis the wanderlust you have in your feet—but are you not also wanting somewhere to call home?”

Alex laughed outright. Kelpie scowled. She had been

That is no proof you are a witch,” announced Donald. Mother and Wee Mairi can tell us apart, and they are


I didn’t mean quite that, although I’m sure it must be true,” explained Montrose gently, and the corners of his mouth were jiggling again. I mean, did you never think that it might be wrong to steal, whether you were caught at it or no?”

Another silence, and then his low voice reached back to her again, strongly earnest. There are things more important than safety, Sheena. I wonder if you know about them. Was it for a principle you were wanting to put a hex on my uncle, or for something else?”



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