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Some thirty minutes later, five hundred iron-clad horses carried their mailed riders beneath the portcullis of the grim pile, and Norman the Devil, riding at their head, spurred rapidly in the direction of the castle of Peter of Colfax.

At length the priest spoke.

The ravine was so overgrown with tangled vines and wildwood that, had there ever been a pathway, it was now completely obliterated; and it was with difficulty that the man forced his way through the entangling creepers and tendrils. The girl stumbled after him and twice fell before they had taken a score of steps.

What now! What now!” ejaculated Henry. What madman be this?”

Shall I be clothed in armor and ride upon a great black steed?” he asked.

What now?” he cried. What goes on here?”

Yea, even with my life and honor, my father,” replied the outlaw.

I be Roger de Conde, gentleman of France, and these be my sisters and servants,” lied the outlaw, and were it not that the ladies be with me, your answer would be couched in steel, as you deserve for your boorish insolence.”


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